Root: ano

ano is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root ano:
~ related to what

Ano Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "ano"

Anó ba 'yan! : [interjection] What the heck! My goodness! (expressing irritation) What is that?!   more... »
Anó daw? : [phrase] When you failed to hear/understand something; What was said?; What was that?; Say it again?   more... »
ano-anó : [pronoun] what; plural of "what"; plural of "ano"   more... »
kaáno-anó : [phrase] said to ask how one person is related to another   more... »
dí umanó : [adverb/adjective] allegedly   more... »
kahit anó : anything; any; whatever   more... »
anó : [question word] what; is that right?; right?   more... »
umanó : [verb] to do something that is impolite to say what it is directly; to do something that cannot/should not be mentioned;   more... »
anó man : [phrase] whatever; something; anything; no matter what   more... »
Anóng say mo? : [interjection] What do you think?   more... »
paano : [adverb] how; in what way; what then   more... »
anuhín : [verb] to do something with (idiomatic)   more... »
Eh anó ngayón? : [phrase] So what?   more... »
waláng anu-anó : [adjective] sudden   more... »
Ano?! : [interjection] Say what?!   more... »
Ano'ng : [question] what; * a combination of "ano" and "ang," often written "anong" without the apostrophe   more... »
áanhín : [verb] what is it worth to someone/something (OF); what will be the use or value of something (OF)   more... »
anó na? : [expression] what now?; what next?   more... »
Anó ba?! : [interjection] What do you want?! Don't bother me!   more... »
kung anó : [phrase] as to what; that which; something; what; like; as   more... »

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